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King's Kids is an ACSI member school and state licensed childcare center. We offer an excellent educational curriculum, arts & crafts, music, dance, potty-training, Spanish, sign language and much, much more. We offer a multi-cultural environment, with flexible schedule and affordable rates.

Here at King’s Kids, we’re not your typical daycare center. Instead, we are a Christ-centered, privately owned, fully licensed childcare center that offers parents peace of mind and the assurance that their child is receiving nurturing, loving, attentive, and personalized care and education.

Your children are your most precious gifts, and from the moment they come through our doors, our priority is to help them achieve their potential, realize their purpose, and learn the principles that form a solid foundation in education and in life. Our team of sensitive, creative, and loving teachers love God and love children, and our desire is to partner with you in nurturing and training up your child through his/her most formative years.

Our fun-filled atmosphere is safe, vibrant, and playful, and we view each day as a new frontier for children to explore and experience!

We believe the quality of care we give your children is second only to your own, and we will team with you to make sure you are fully comfortable and secure about the care your child receives. 

We’re excited you stopped by, and we invite you to contact us at 973-463-0123 to set up an appointment to visit our beautiful facility in Whippany, NJ and meet our dedicated teachers and staff.

Our Goal


Our objective is to provide a Christ-centered, cost-effective, safe, wholesome, stimulating, and family oriented daycare center that allows parents to work worry free, knowing their most important treasures are in the best care. 

We achieve this objective by working towards the following goals:

  • Ensuring a child’s first experience outside the home is positive by providing a loving and supportive environment that is safe and conducive to learning;

  • Advancing learning by utilizing appropriate developmental curriculum and inspiring children to discover the world around them;

  • Facilitating and encouraging social, emotional, physical, and mental growth and wellbeing, and

  • Instilling in each child an understanding and appreciation of himself/herself as created in the image of God and teaching children to demonstrate love and respect to others as also created in God’s image.

Kids in Preschool

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In The


Please contact us if you have not ordered/received your school photos.

Our school and nut-free for the sensitivities to those with allergies

If your child(ren) are graduating our, please contact Arrow Academy for more information on furthering your child's education through our programs.

Our Staff

King’s Kid’s team of teachers and childcare workers place your child’s wellbeing as their highest priority. Our staff is committed to helping your child grow and develop in every area, and each staff member strives to ensure your child’s happiness each and every day. 

In every area, we seek to create a supportive environment for parents and children, and our staff-to-child ratios are small enough to provide many opportunities for individual attention. Additionally, we believe consistency is important in modeling positive behavior for children, and throughout all our teaching, we use only positive reinforcement. 

Finally, we recognize the importance of partnership and communication with the parents of the children in our care. Twice each year, we hold parent-teacher conferences to review each child’s progress, and we invite parents to call anytime during the year if they would like to schedule an informal conference.

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