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Essentials Preschool Curriculum


 A Christian based curriculum that focuses on both spiritual and academic growth.  It contains 52 themes, each uniting a Bible story or concept to that theme, as well as, a social-emotional issue. The format is designed to integrate academic areas of Mathematics, Language, Science, and Social Studies with a variety of activities focusing on art & sensory, reading & writing, exploration & discovery, fine & gross motor physical development, and dramatic play.  

Targets All Learning Styles

The curriculum has been designed with a variety of perceptual modality preferences (PMP) written into each lesson. A PMP is defined as the sense through which a child learns most effectively. 

Auditory Learners

Learning through hearing

Visual Learners

Learning through sight

Tactical Learners

Learning through touch

Kinesthetic Learers

Learning through experience and practice

Teacher Requirement

The Lead Teachers are required to submit lesson plans each month.  Weekly plans are to include age-appropriate activities that are aligned with and meet the NJ State Early Learning Standards.

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